Our Team

Rainer Saborowski

Dipl.-businessman, dipl.-managment expert, assountant and tax adviser, LL.B.

• 1959-1962 trained to be industry businessman
• 1963-1967 studied at the economy academy in Berlin, graduate in expert management and higher education entrance qualifikation
• Studied at the free University of Berlin, diploma businessman
• 1972 Test assistant in "Deutsche Treuarbeit AG", Dusseldorf
• From 1972-1981 Test assistant with Tax manager in "Ernst & Whinney GmbH" account and tax adviser advanced education in Dusseldorf, after that authorised officer in "Ernst & Whinney GmbH"
• 1981-1991 independently worked as a chartered accountant in own practice
• Since 1991 executive director of R. Saborowski GmbH, WPG in Willich
• Since 2016 Bachelor of Law

Area of operation:

• Year final exam with middle-sized companies
• Coaching of management
• Care of subsidiaries of foreign parent companies
• Business consequences up to the inheritance tax consultation

Sabine Frula

Tax counselor, certified accounting specialist

• Since 1994 employed in R. Saborowski GmbH
• 1997 examination for Assistant Tax Consultant
• 2000 examination for certified accounting specialist
• 2002 examination for tax expert
• 2005 examination for tax counselor
• 2016 examination for public accountant

Area of operation:

• operating and private tax declaration
• preparation of annual accounts
• collaboration in accounting
• focus on: Turnover Tax Law, particularly in Single European Market

... and a further eight employees work for R. Saborowski GmbH

You can reach us Monday to Thursday between 8:00-16:30 and on Friday between 8:00-15:30.

Telephone: 0049-2154 - 952 00-0

Fax: 0049-2154 - 952 00-16

E-mail: wpg@saborowski-gmbh.de