Wage statement

R. Saborowski GmbH creates wage statements and salary statements for your workers, for foreign and native business within Germany that handles employees. We advise you gladly in all questions, which are of a concern to you.

Building Wage

In contrast to other, "normal" wage statements and salary statements, the building wage represents a speciality under the wages. Its calculation is on comparison with normal wage statements more time essential, more costly and more complicated. Moreover there are in the building industry many different, special regulations whose knowledge it inevitably is, to produce a correct statement. With this knowledge, not all tax advising businesses in the mass order that it is necessary to uncover each problem.
R. Saborowski GmbH controls this knowledge and expands this through permanent advanced education so that a competent and extensive consultation and creation is guaranteed.

Peer Review

Accounting firms and single accountants must subject themselves to a strict quality test every three years. This begins with the own experiation in its practice ( practice organisation) and ends with the orderly documentation of the client in which test action and report reimbursement is carried out.

R. Saborowski GmbH received the qualification in December 2005.

This certification entitles us to lead the competition towards statutory final exams and audits of real estate agent.

"The most important"

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