Our Office

Our Office

Our management favours primarily the collegial principle and therefore regards less the managerial principle in order to make available the full potential of the client.

Through regular discussions, exchange of ideas and joint seminar visits, the work climate is promoted and maintained.

... a healthy spirit only exists in a healthy body...

Saborowski GmbH differs to other accounting firms not only because it offers a very wide range of services, but especially through the activities of the colleague outside of working hours.

One needs a balance to office life, in order to always be concentrated and meticulous at work. Therefore the company places great value on the importance of taking part in sporting activities for single colleagues.

Our Team

Rainer Saborowski

Dipl.-businessman, dipl.-managment expert, assountant and tax adviser, LL.B.

  • 1959-1962 trained to be industry businessman
  • 1963-1967 studied at the economy academy in Berlin, graduate in expert management and higher education entrance qualifikation
  • Studied at the free University of Berlin, diploma businessman
  • 1972 Test assistant in "Deutsche Treuarbeit AG", Dusseldorf
  • From 1972-1981 Test assistant with Tax manager in "Ernst & Whinney GmbH" account and tax adviser advanced education in Dusseldorf, after that authorised officer in "Ernst & Whinney GmbH"
  • 1981-1991 independently worked as a chartered accountant in own practice
  • Since 1991 executive director of R. Saborowski GmbH, WPG in Willich
  • Since 2016 Bachelor of Law

Area of operation:

  • Year final exam with middle-sized companies
  • Coaching of management
  • Care of subsidiaries of foreign parent companies
  • Business consequences up to the inheritance tax consultation

Sabine Frula

Tax counselor, certified accounting specialist

  • Since 1994 employed in R. Saborowski GmbH
  • 1997 examination for Assistant Tax Consultant
  • 2000 examination for certified accounting specialist
  • 2002 examination for tax expert
  • 2005 examination for tax counselor
  • 2016 examination for public accountant

Area of operation:

  • operating and private tax declaration
  • preparation of annual accounts
  • collaboration in accounting
  • focus on: Turnover Tax Law, particularly in Single European Market

... and a further eight employees work for R. Saborowski GmbH

You can reach us Monday to Thursday between 8:00-16:30 and on Friday between 8:00-15:30.

Telephone: 0049-2154 - 952 00-0
Fax: 0049-2154 - 952 00-16
E-mail: wpg@saborowski-gmbh.de